Wednesday, October 16, 2019


Lonely & Free Again


Words & Music by Charlie Hickox


Recorded at the Original Freight & Salvage Coffee House,

San Pablo Avenue in Berkeley, on the evening of February 18th, 1973

Charlie Hickox: Piano & Lead Vocal

Bing Nathan: Upright Bass & High-Hat

Robin M. Blind: Guitar



Some 'liner' notes here: these two tunes were performed and recorded in different sets during the same night but...bad things happen to good people...the recording of Terrified was, months later, inadvertently (partially) erased by some Bozo (Who? Me?) and, in the case of Lonely & Free, the %$#*&(@ tape ran out about a minute before the end!  

Both tunes, which I have run together here (if, perhaps, not smoothly) feature then twenty-five year-old Charlie during a stellar night. I am in awe of his vocal quality and...Lonely & Free gives me spinal chills...then leaves me in tears.

Yes, Richard Nixon was President then (newly re-inaugurated) and, somehow, we didn't realize (in those days) that we were in (comparatively) able hands.