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San Francisco, CA
Sunday, May 16, 2021

Livin' The Lie


Words & Music by Robin M. Blind




They say the truth will set us free

That's what they say

But you'll never prove it by me

They say The Lie just tears us down

That's what they say

But it's not what I found.

Maybe I look like a joker

Maybe I act like a clown

Maybe I'm barely holding on

Maybe I'm upside down

You say in time it all works out

That's what you say

But I have my doubt

After you read me a bedtime sotry

After you sing me a llullaby

Show me some proof

Or tell me the turth

Only let me keep living The Lie


Why should I be downhearted

Why should I feel bad

Baby I'm only losin'

Something that I never had