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Saturday, July 20, 2024

One For My Baby


Words and Music by Johnny Mercer and Harold Arlen 




Arguably the most "complex" pop song I've ever tried to learn. I STILL don't feel that I have the first section (in Db) right...but I'm working on it. 

The published sheet music is in Eb. I'm almost done rewriting it in Print Music and then I'll transpose it down a step [if you'd like a copy]. 

My recently-refurbished 1941 (the original "pot metal" tailpiece simply "exploded" in place...but I found an identical part on line...made of aluminum) Gibson L-12 recorded nicely here. Sounds electric...but it's not. It's just into a "ribbon" mic. Two tracks of it. [This not a "polished mix"...needs a bass.]

Check out the link, above: Arlen, himself, called this song a "tapeworm".   ?