Current Date & Time

San Francisco, CA
Monday, September 26, 2022

Waiting (for a miracle)


Words & Music by Robin M. Blind




Waiting for a miracle

Waiting for the right moment to come

Hopin' to hear the telephone ring

Mopin' but I'm waiting for my heart to sing.

Sittin' out a dance or two

Holdin' out until a fairy tale comes true.

Waiting for a miracle. 

Thinkin' I've been here way too long

Thinkin' I'm where I don't belong

But once in a lifetime can't happen every day

After I go...where will I stay?

Mighty tired of being alone

But even when I'm livin' in a new time zone

I'll still be waitng. for a mriacle. 


Too high...I can't jump over

Too wide...for me to run around

Too far for me to ever get to. 

But one day, the door will open and

Some way, the spell will be broken

Until then...don't know what I'm gonna do


While I'm waiting for a miracle.

Waiting for the right moment to come.

Don't ever know when it's gonna be

Don't ever know what's gonna happen to me

While I'm waiting for a miracle.